Looking to get your courses accredited and insured by ABT?

Training Course Accreditation

ABT Accreditation is a simple, low cost and extremely efficient way to step out of the crowd and show your potential students that you are approved, endorsed and eligible to offer, on completion of your courses, ABT membership and insurance packages to them.

ABT Accreditation isn’t just a logo, or a membership, it allows you to instil confidence and provide guidance to your potential students that they can get insurance with ABT. Once insured your students can continue practicing on the public with the new skills they have learnt.

If you are running private courses in either beauty or holistic treatments that are not recognised by an education board, we must have received a completed and verified accreditation application to ensure a smooth and simple process for your students and our future members. Without completing the ABT Accreditation process we cannot deem your courses suitable to a level that we can insure for, as we have not reviewed your course manuals, materials, and the documentation we require to determine this.

Having your courses ABT Accredited is crucial in giving your courses the seal of approval and recognition they deserve. A successful application would allow you access to the use of our accreditation logo, insurance for your students, as well as loads of membership benefits to becoming an ABT Accredited member.

There is a One-Off Fee*

ABT is the only membership provider to offer a one-off fee – no hidden charges, no annual renewal costs and no price per certificate issued to students.

The pricing structure is for the initial application. Once the initial accreditation application has passed, any additional courses submitted are charged at £40 per course.

When accrediting your course, qualifications or post graduate support training with ABT you will enter into a relationship with the UK's largest Beauty Membership and Insurance provider who currently represent:

  • 18,000 Business Owners, Therapists, Nail Technicians, Holistic Practitioners, Hair Stylists, Barbers and Students.
  • 1,000 brands, training providers and suppliers
  • 146,000 potential clients via website views and page counts per month

We are only able to insure members to practise treatments that they have been taught under courses that are offered under the NVQ, SVQ, or any National / International qualification or courses that have passed our accreditation process.

Accreditation Benefits
One Off Fee*
ABT is the only membership provider to offer a one-off fee – no hidden charges, no annual renewal costs and no price per certificate issued to students
Accreditation Pack
Once all documentation has been received and we are happy to move forward with your application, you will receive our accreditation pack which includes a certification of your accreditation with ABT.
10% Off Any ABT Package for Your Clients
As an Accredited Trainer, you will receive a unique discount code to give to your students that is personalised to your business. This code allows your clients to receive 10% off any of our individual membership packages.
Use of the ABT Accreditation Logo
Once accredited you can use the ABT accredited logo to market yourself as an accredited trainer. Or if you have your online courses accredited with ABT then you will also be able to use our ABT Online Accredited logo as well.
Free Promotion on abtinsurance.co.uk
Confirm and appear on our searchable ‘Find the Nearest Accredited Company’ map
Free Promotion in our Bi-Monthly Newsletters
Get free PR promotion in our regular newsletters to over 18,000 ABT members.
Entry to Trade Events
Entry to industry leading Trade Events being held across the UK
Support & Guidance
Support and guidance when it comes to adding new courses.
Access Discounts from Brand Owners
Save £100's with ABT's twice-monthly newsletters offering broad market trends, strategy and exclusive member discounts from industry-leading brands. Why not promote your own offers to our members?
Free Student Presentation
Free presentation on the importance of insurance from an ABT Student ambassador.
20% Off Banner Advertising
20% off banners and buttons on beautyandhairdressing.co.uk
Personalised Accreditation Portal
Your very own personalised accreditation portal where you can climb from blue to beyond and earn points and rewards. Where you can check your own insurance policy and documentation plus receive relevant announcements and discounts.
PR and Editorial Support
PR and Editorial Support with writing and providing your latest news for our membership website, beautyandhairdressing.co.uk.
Video, Interview and Editing Support
Access to our in-house Design, Videographer and Marketing Team.
Guaranteed Insurance for your students
Add immediate credibility to your courses giving your potential students confidence that the courses you are offering are approved, validated and insurable at the UK's leading membership and insurance provider.
10% Off Adverts in Scratch Magazine
10% off advertising in Scratch magazine, to promote your business.
Access to Insurance Talks
Access to Insurance Talks about key topics on trend
5% Off Stands at Olympia Beauty
Access to Wanting to Exhibit at a leading trade show, this could be your chance with 5% off stands at Olympia Beauty Show
Invitation to ABT Events
An invitation to ABT Events with specialised areas, drinks receptions, key opportunities to meet important industry figures, with interactive experiences to benefit your business as well as access to our onsite team to answer your questions and queries. Keep an eye out for your invite.

Accreditation Pricing Structure


Up to 10 Courses


Up to 15 Courses


Up to 20 Courses


Over 20 Courses


*The above pricing is for the initial application. Once the initial accreditation application has passed, any additional courses added are charged at £40 per course. If you are insured with ABT, there are NO renewal or annual fees, however if you are with a different provider there may be a £100 charge per active policy annually to allow for additional administration and checking of insurance documentation. This means after the initial accreditation application we require no further payment from you, unless you have written a new course manual that you wish to get accredited, you wish to convert your courses in to digital, or you are insured with a different provider in which case additional costs will apply.

Looking to get your courses accredited and insured by ABT?